SLOVECO, s.r.o.
Import, sale and realisation of roof covering, roofs, insulations, noppen membranes Platon and Oldroyd, electrical heater, protective and heating-up cables Raychem, solar collectors for waterheating, photovoltaic, hot air collectors, fire revision doors, sandwitch panels, fuel, oil and lubricant aditives, real estate, building and reconstruction houses, halls and their parts, roads surface reparation, dilatation-sealing bitumen strips, protection before water calc Anticalc, electricity harmonisator ...
Residence (city/village):Košice
Street and postal code:Popradská 66, 04011
County:Košický kraj
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Contact person:Dominika Hlivková
Company ID:17085918
Tax ID:2020486941
VAT Number:SK2020486941
Category 1:Cars, Motors
Category 2:Construction
Category 3:Wholesale, Retail
District 1:Košice
District 2:Prešov
District 3:Michalovce